My work is Alchemy for Your Soul. It is how I approach guiding clients on their path to harmony and balance and reconnection with the source of life. I help clients discover harmonious soul-utions enabling them to restore and maintain their balance energetically, teaching them ways to properly use their energies to create healing and beauty in their lives and in their environment.


WHEN: Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Saturday
Hours: Noon—8 PM

WHERE: Two locations in Manhattan: Health on 57 and West Harlem (Hamilton Heights).

What:  You can absolutely schedule a dedicated and unique session in: Reiki, Crystal Healing, Alchemy Energetics or Qigong Healing (Medical Qigong).

Soul Alchemy sessions are uniquely designed as a catalyst and an ongoing support to the transformation your soul is already experiencing and as such, I recommend that at minimum series of 3 be scheduled.   

How: Sessions can be accomplished in-person, non-local (via SKype), or Distance.

Fee: $128 - $256;  contact me to confirm.

Contact me via:

Phone: 212.690.0157