Alchemical Offerings...How I Work With You

“The purpose of attunement is Love. It is twofold in nature. On a personal level, attunement restores, renews, and enlivens the body’s health and healing energies. And viewed from a larger perspective, attunement enhances a person’s participation in the world, a world of divine beauty and order. Every human being - man, woman, and child can share in this dynamic process of Love manifested through the process of attunement." - excerpted from Attunement: Love Made Visible

My practice, Soul Alchemy, involves assisting my clients in reconnecting to the frequency of their own inner peace through a series of energetic Recalibration Attunements. Atunements (energetic) are a gentle pro-active process of re-awakening the body, mind, and emotions and aligning them with Source.

Designed for the purpose of allowing you to realize a depth of richness and expansiveness in your life resulting in more balanced interactions with others and all living-kind. This is accomplished through a series of uniquely constructed healing sessions where, through the utilization and application of various (appropriate for the situation/ issue), and may include the following components*:

Soul Alchemy Attunement Session
–Sound - tuning forks, mantra, bijas.
–Sacred Movement and stillness - meditation, qigong.
–Energy healing - light touch on the body and acupressure points.
–Crystal Healing
–Laying of the Stones on/around the body.

–Recalibration (energetic) Attunements - reconnecting you more closely to your spiritual source, and harmonizing your frequency to the flow of life through the use of ancient symbols and sacred techniques.

*note: This is an explanation as each session is as unique as you are. May not include all of the above. May also include other modalities not listed above.

Other Healing Services I offer:

Alchemy Energetics Laying of the Stones - Crystal Healing
Pujas - for major life events, situations and astrological transits
Family and Individual Blessing Ceremonies
Soul 2 Soul Counseling/Akashic Reading

Detailed explanations to follow

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Duration of a session: 60 - 90 minutes
Non-local /Distance healing sessions are equally effective.

Fee: $128*

*Special winter introductory offer through February 2018