“To Be or Not to Be” – isn’t the question. The Question is: “What is it that you do?”

Perhaps you’ve experienced it. You’re at a cocktail party or an event and a few minutes into ‘lite’ conversation the topic is what we all do to make our way in the world. Someone will invariably ask me, “so…what do you do?”

We live and work in a society that is very curious as to what people “do”. It’s a verbal calling card of sorts.

But for many light workers active in the metaphysical and healing arts, answering this question can range from easy, (or more easily understood and acceptable) “I’m a massage therapist.” “I am an acupuncturist.” But say, “I am a Light Worker” or, “I am an Energy Healer.” Uh oh…

Very early on in my metaphysical career, when I responded to the, “what do you do” question, I experienced a variety of reactions ranging from dismay, surprise to curiosity and incredulousness. Including the occasional utterance of disbelief.

I would either get defensive, go mute (sputter, sweat and turn a beautiful shade of eggplant) or try to change the subject to something that would be perceived as more acceptable or mainstream. Over time, I gained my sea legs. You’ll see why as you read on.

Now I welcome the shocked expressions and disbelieving stares and the questions because I see it as a teachable opportunity. Sharing with others the passion and commitment about my work (my “day job”) brings me joy. Understanding this is especially to be expected when sharing what one does (their actual vocation) lands in the realm of metaphysics or the healing arts.

While my spiritual path has had more than its share of marbles on the road, my journey on the Good Ship Earth Sojourn, has delivered me to the place where I can plant my flag and (finally) proclaim in a few words – what it is that I do: I am a “Change-Maker…an Alchemist for the Soul.

Most know what the Alchemists of many of the ancient traditions considered alchemy: turning lead or other base metals into gold. True to form, alchemy as they performed it, or attempted to, did not add anything. It did, however, result in major and often miraculous transformations resulting from a transmutation of the energy of one object – “lead” – from one vibratory state to another – Gold. Always to a higher or more desirable state.

As a contemporary Soul Alchemist, my work honors the same basic principle of the ancient and medieval physical alchemists. The only difference being my work – Soul Alchemy – involves guiding clients through their process of uncovering or discovering the seed of gold held within each person’s soul. The golden seed which is awaiting the opportunity to reveal its unique expression and gifts to contribute to the world at large. If you are shining within you can definitely shine your light outward.

How then is that done, you may be wondering? Well, it doesn’t involve harsh chemicals, Petrie dishes or Bunsen burners. That’s the good news. This transformation takes place in the laboratory of one’s soul. The active ingredient which brings the element of change is the heart.

Let me share a ‘real life example that hopefully can serve as a bridge to understanding what it is I have done and what I do.

Allow me to harken back to the days when I had a corporate job. The IT guys would periodically send out a mass email stating that a software upgrade is available and would need to be installed. Depending upon the intensity of the upgrade – minor, the fixing a few bugs- to major, significant changes to the current operating system. Warning, warning! Minor fixes would usually happen in the cover of night. IT had the control so the updates would be downloaded out of our control. Okay, so we had no choice but to adjust to the minor changes.

From time to time – all too frequently it felt like sometimes – a major update resulting in significant change to the existing operating system (that I was accustomed to and knew inside and out) would need to be downloaded, AND, it would require me to reboot my system, actually learn and embrace the new program. When I would protest or hem and give major haw, trying to delay the inevitable, IT would invariably say “it will be good for you and your system will run much better and more efficiently,” “try it you’ll like it.” I am not ‘Mikey’ over here. I know I will definitely NOT like having to go through this much change. Again.

While I did not doubt them at all, I just didn’t want to have to learn a whole new system. So my response would sound something like this: “I don’t have the time,” I am so crunched with work that I cannot possibly take the time NOW to learn the new system – I don’t care how good or efficient it will be!”

Lo and behold, I wasn’t alone so they – “IT”- developed ways to get it done without our assent. Over the weekend or when I was offline (traveling out of town, on vacation or at an off-site meeting), they would swoop in and install the upgrade, forcing me to use and learn the new system.

Okay, now let’s apply this metaphor to the software of our soul (soul being the software; the hardware is the physical body). Do you find yourself wanting a more efficient operating system, a new way of doing things and relating to yourself and the world around you? But the ‘too busy blues” get in the way. You want change but at the same time VERY resistant to having to deal with anything so new that you are forced to change, grow and evolve. Or to learn and put into practice new ways of being.

For years, clients, friends and family members would tell me how they desired change in their lives – I mean REAL change. But then I noticed a distinct pattern emerging – ranging from resistance, reluctance, talking but not putting a n y t h i n g that could result in significant changes in their lives as well as flat out blow back: ”been doing it this way so long, it’s too late in the game to change now.”

Sound familiar? It should if we’re being just the least bit honest with ourselves. And the excuses (yeah, I said it, excuses!) are legion, running the gamut from the unspoken I don’t want to be perceived as different, to I’m too set in my ways! – (and this comes from all age groups!!) how will my mate, family, friends, job, my lot in life (though I am desperately unhappy or unfulfilled in one or more, or, gasp – with all of the above!) react to me if I change.

If I accept and embrace the new software download (that unveils the inner gold seed of who you really are and what you really want to be and project) is revealed – who will I be? What will it feel like? Once we welcome the upgrade to install and get re-booted, all systems can now run at a higher vibration or frequency. Sounds good. Looks good on paper, even. But doing it – now that’s where many experience major interference. Usually self-inflicted. I’m not coming down on anyone. This is hard work.

How do I know so much about this? I hope you are asking — I have lived it. Lived it in all areas of my life. The next question I hope you are asking is: “why on Earth did you reset or allow the new program to run?” Because, beloveds, sometimes the Universe, All that Is, Goddess, God, Divine Love and Light, – insert your naming – will install it whether you are on board or not. Yep. The Universe played its hand and ‘aced’ me. “Resistance is futile” was never more aptly stated in this instance. I’m good. I’m powerful. I’ve got some skills. But “they got me”.

After great trial and much error, I noticed something. The less I resisted, the more I was able to learn and appreciate the new way I could operate, be and interact with the world. Was it easy? NO. It is still not easy. As it is a process of evolution that I am still embracing…daily. But I am glad I stayed the course.

What do I do, as a Soul Alchemist? I work with you as you find your voice, your courage and conviction to grow and change. Seeking harmony, balance and realize the love – the golden frequency activation – your soul awaits, perhaps is becoming impatient for.

I help you see where you may be blocking the transmission. Our sessions will help you manage and implement the changes, as well as teach you tools and techniques you can use as you approach the threshold of change. And if you are already down the road a piece, our session work can help you learn how to maintain the new frequencies and bring forth the newly minted gifts of your soul.

All I can say is – it’s golden. And to quote Mike Myers, “yeah babee!”*

*Apparently the classy sense of humor program download was not successfully installed.

–Jemaja the Alchemist

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